AlEtihad law firm for Attorneyship, Consultancies and Legal Services LLC is a law firm based in Baghdad, licensed by the Bar Association which
is established by our team of more than 25 lawyers, AlEtihad has been the trusted
adviser of multinational and local companies that demand sharp insights for
critical business decisions.

Our lawyers’ commitment to excellence and innovative thinking enables us to
provide tailored and practical consultations, assisting our clients gain a
competitive advantage in their respective fields of operations. Our value-based
solutions and client-centric services continue to position. AlEtihad as one of the
highly recommended law firms in the country today.


• Oil & Gas
• Litigation & Arbitration
• Labour & Social Security
• Taxes & Custom
• Companies
• Insurance
• Commercial Contracts
• Non Governmental Organisation
• Commercial Agencies
• Intellectual Property
• Administrative Laws
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Holding Companies
• Banks


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