The presence of security reassures our clients that they can fulfill their duties
efficiently, with highly experienced and trained teams managing the current
threats and risk of operating in a non-permissive environment.

Larsa security services offer a dynamic approach to ensure that all your
security-related deliverables are achieved to the highest standards.

As a security company operating in developing countries and remote regions,
often with the carriage of licensed weapons, we understand and acknowledge it is a unique corporate social responsibility area. As a result, Larsa has developed a management framework that ensures people remain as safe as possible whilst minimizing environmental impact and contributing positively to local economies and the environment wherever possible.

About Larsa Security Services:

LARSA Security Services is an Iraqi security company registered in Iraq as a private company under the Iraqi ministry of interior and has obtained license number (164). Larsa is ambitious to become a pioneer in advanced private security and logistics solutions, including deploying the latest technology to assist client operations. Larsa has all the skills, expertise and infrastructure to help in all physical security matters for the safety and protection of personnel, buildings, information, supplies and equipment. In addition, Larsa offers a wealth of experience providing a comprehensive and turnkey security solution to high profile clients operating within this region and beyond.


LARSA aspires to progress its business into one of the region’s most respected firms, one that provides the highest possible level of quality and professionalism in the field of security and risk management services.


LARSA mission is to strive towards excellence through quality control and client satisfaction. To contribute to creating safe civil societies in which everyone may enjoy their lives, work, and go about their daily activities without fear of disruption or security concerns by providing high-quality security and risk management services.

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