UB Holding Company began its activities through the family agriculture business and has fast emerged as one of the leading production and trade companies in Iraq.

We produce numerous food and beverage products are manufactured including one of UB Holding’s biggest successes.

Ahram Food factory has nine large manufacturing halls, with space available for further expansion.

Here, numerous food and beverage products are manufactured including one of UB Holding’s biggest successes, and one of Iraq’s biggest brands: Life Water. Life Water’s production capacity currently stands at 5 million bottles per day.

Our achievements

Iraq Oil Company is another key arm of UB Holding, and undoubtedly a pioneer in the petroleum sector in Iraq. Throughout its history, the company has been actively trading several petroleum products in both the local and international markets. These products include fuel oil, naphtha, benzene, and diesel.

In May 2005, the company established the first private sector petrol station in Iraq. It is currently in the process of building 14 more stations.

It owns two petroleum storage tanks in Erbil and Zakho.

UB Holding also owns a lubricant factory that produces engine oil, as well as a logistics company called Burak Logistics that transports our petroleum products throughout Iraq. We are also currently in the process of building a refinery, which will have a capacity of 60,000 barrels of oil per day.

Established in 2010, Legacy Construction is another subsidiary responsible for the construction of a host of projects in Iraq, including brand new 5-star hotels in Erbil, Sulemaniya, and Dohuk; a state of the art amusement park in Zakho and a cablecar system in Dohuk.

Our vision

UB Holding firmly believes investment is key to further development in Kurdistan and it is eager to discuss with international investors and the business community its aims for accomplishing economic prosperity.

For more information visit www.ubholding.com