Why the IBBC works

Business and trade makes the world prosperous, its activities educate and train people, it provides governments with the means of funding, and it facilitates exchange between people and cultures for the enrichment of all. At a time when Governments are stressed, organisations like the IBBC step up to oil the wheels of commerce and take the economic and social pressure off the backs of countries. Furthermore IBBC is a private sector organisation which is lead and fully financed by its members. We understand our members concerns better than a government could possibly ever do. We are here for and by our members and for the countries we operate in. 


As the leading trade association for businesses operating in Iraq and for businesses based in Iraq and seeking to operate in Britain, we offer an expanding business repertoire that is increasingly international in its reach. Many members are super national companies with global outlooks, like GE, Siemens, Exxon, Standard Chartered Bank, PWC, EY, Shell and BP, so follows the IBBC and the nature of our expertise. 


While Iraq is grounded in oil and gas industries, the need for Infrastructure, Professional services, Education and Technology are driving development. IBBC too has to offer depth and expertise to Iraq through members’ sector expertise and especially via our Iraqi members strength and chambers of commerce who as engineers and local contractors who are growing capability each year.  

Access your business ecology

Communication between Government and business is the enabler of industry. On the one hand IBBC opens the avenues to ministers and decision makers in country, on the other, we enable business chains to interface with each other, to build the sector ecologies that make the flow of business flourish. 

At the top of the pyramid Government contracts and licences open up the way to investment into oil and gas fields, to power generation and infrastructure developments. From the IOC’s and structural companies, flow streams of Contractors, who in turn employ local businesses, SME’s and delivery experts through Chambers of Commerce and family firms like Sardar Group and Kufan Group, Al Burhan and UB Holding. We build the ecology and deliberately develop sector tables and groupings to this end. Well attended Conferences are arranged to facilitate access to influential ministers and companies, and private dinners for insights and information sharing. 


With International companies, come International business standards, ethics and transparency that have a cascading effect on local businesses, which are strengthened economically and professionally. With an international membership the chain of payment, transparency and behaviour is upheld regardless of local conditions. 

Education and development 

Possibly the biggest Human impact the IBBC members bring is the commitment to education, training and recruitment in country. Not only do the IOC’s and larger operators source and train up to 90% of the work force locally, but policies on diversity enable women, minorities and unemployed people to share in prosperity and obtain international qualifications and expertise that strengthens the human fabric of each community and country they operate in. Iraq is no exception, for example with over 200,000 training days per year given by both BP and Shell, as well as GE, Siemens and Serco also committed to local technical and supervisory training, this cascades down to local contractors and SME suppliers as part of the business expertise chain. British Universities like Northampton and Bath Spa provide professional courses in the UK and Iraq alongside company HR departments and in partnership with Iraqi Universities and IBBC companies. 

Join us

Join the IBBC community for all the best reasons, but above all you will operate among the highest quality global companies, not only to network and access new business chains in Iraq and internationally but to contribute to best practice in Iraq, and the burgeoning opportunities this resurgent country offers.