The Education, Training and Heritage Sector Table is chaired by Professor Mohammed Al Uzri, Health and Education Advisor to the IBBC and affiliate of Leicester University. It aims to:

  1. Promote advances in education, training and cultural preservation at all levels in Iraq, especially under the auspices of IBBC members

  2. Support Iraqi higher education institutions and businesses bridging the gap between education and the workplace

  3. Contribute to policy and strategy discussions and advise of impending developments in higher education, scientific collaboration and heritage

  4. Facilitate collaboration between IBBC members in the education, training and heritage sectors.

British and Iraqi universities are eligible for a special category of IBBC membership, fostering links between higher education institutions in the UK and Iraq through supporting the Iraqi Scholarship programme, curricula, research partnerships and academic co-operation.

IBBC sponsors exhibitions on Iraq’s culture, arts and heritage, and fosters links between members to protect and develop Iraq’s rich heritage in arts, music and architecture to benefit the Iraqi people and economy.

The ETH Sector Table has regular session in main IBBC events including the Spring Conference (Mansion House, London), the Cumberland Retreat in Windsor, and Autumn Conference (Dubai). In addition, it arranges events to support collaboration between Iraq and UK in education and heritage. Attendance at these meetings and events is open to all IBBC members,