Our Vision

We work for a free and prosperous Iraq in which business and industry are set to become the primary source of income and employment for the country.

Our Mission

We facilitate and enhance international trade and investment throughout the United Kingdom, Iraq and internationally and act as a catalyst for Iraq’s private sector growth through strong knowledge transfer and the development of Iraq’s education and training infrastructure.

Our Values

Our success is driven by a set of core values that we incorporate in our daily work and corporate culture. We therefore:

  • believe in the fundamental freedoms and abide to the rule of law
  • operate a zero tolerance policy towards bribery and corruption
  • encourage good governance and international best practice
  • encourage development through education and training
  • acknowledge Iraq’s distinguished history and culture
  • ensure stakeholder satisfaction through quality
  • value people and the environment
  • foster continuous improvement

Code of Conduct

IBBC’s code of conduct entrenches, maintains and promotes a high standard in business ethics and corporate governance worldwide. To protect the long-term interests of all our stakeholders we ensure that:

  • We conduct business in an ethical manner, meeting national and international regulations at a minimum.
  • We recognise safety, health and environmental considerations as basic elements of our business strategies.
  • We value diversity and respect the individuality of each employee and client.
  • We make a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate.
  • We respect Iraq’s rich heritage and traditions and seek to preserve the best of these.

Each employee has the responsibility to comply with and act in a manner that reflects our Code of Conduct, and to comply with the company’s values, policies and procedures, and the laws and regulations in whatever country they operate.

Ethics—Conflict of interest

We avoid conflicts of interest at any cost. Each of us and members of our immediate families seek to avoid situations that could create conflict between our personal and our company’s interests. We exercise prudent control over information to protect our stakeholders and our business interests.

Safety, health, environment

We foster a creative and safe working environment. We conduct business in a way that protects the interests of the wider community and that minimises any negative impact on the environment.

Diversity and respect

We invite and support diverse and mixed work cultures and viewpoints. We acknowledge and foster innovative ideas and teamwork across all lines of service and business structures.

We recognise that each person should be treated fairly and equally, and be respected for their skills, potential and commitment.

We aspire to be operating by the highest standards and delivering quality at all stages.


We have a profound sense of accountability to the environment and the people of both Iraq and the United Kingdom.

We support and are involved in community development and charitable organisations, and participate in other volunteer activities.

Our Partners

IBBC maintains strong relationships with important organisations in the UK, Iraq and Internationally for the benefit of supporting the development of the private sector in Iraq and the business interests of our members: