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The Iraq Britain Business Council brings together business, trade and investment from the UK and International companies, for the benefit of the Republic of Iraq and its members. Committed to a free, prosperous and diverse Iraq, IBBC creates strong relationships with Iraq, from Government to private companies, to benefit business, industry and the people of Iraq.

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16-07-2024  The Rt Hon Lord Howell of Guildford speech at IBBC Spring Conference 2024



  • Energy
  • Agritech
  • Infrastructure and Logistics
  • Financial and professional services
  • Education, Training & Heritage
  • Industry and General Trading
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  • Energy sector table assists Iraq in the sustainable development of its reserves to enjoy the best possible economic and social development that such natural resource wealth will bring.

  • The purpose of the Agritech table is to bring modern agricultural techniques and products to improve Iraqi agriculture. A committee has been convened under the leadership of Dr Amet Selman of AAA Holdings with the support Committee Secretary Colin Findlay, IBBC,  to bring together IBBCs private sector capabilities to develop agriculture in conjunction with and to inform the Government of Iraq on best options and practice for Iraq.

  • A focus on assisting Iraq in the effective and sustainable development of Iraq’s infrastructure. Through identifying and categorising the need and best route to market for construction and infrastructure in areas including water, sewerage, roads and airports and working with Government agencies.

  • The financial and professional services table aims to work with its Iraqi counterparts to support the promotion of a business environment that simplifies and eases the operation of Iraqi and non-Iraqi companies in Iraq.

  • The education, training and heritage sector table has been established to advise and support the growth of the education sector in Iraq.

  • Industry and General Trading

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