IBBC Agritech sector table.

The purpose of the Agritech table is to bring modern agricultural techniques and products to improve Iraqi agriculture. A committee has been convened under the leadership of Dr Amet Selman of AAA Holdings with the support Committee Secretary Clin Findlay, IBBC,  to bring together IBBCs private sector capabilities to develop agriculture in conjunction with and to inform the Government of Iraq on best options and practice for Iraq.

The committee also works with third parties to include and inform expertise and enhance capability.

Key objectives include a pilot project to survey the condition of the soil in Iraq and assess the best options for improvement, including fertilisers and other applications for improvement.

From the pilot several options may emerge to enable scaling up across Iraq and application of modern techniques, including potentially and relevant AI and Satellite observations. Initial considerations recognise that applications to Iraqi agriculture need to be relevant and its various regional soils need to be assessed, as does communication and education of the farmers for applications, in addition to understanding supply chains and retail logistics.

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