Sama Hammurabi have joined IBBC to strengthen the agritech and governmental law capabilities of the council. The law firm has an experienced team in both national and international fields including a wide range of transactional, litigation, corporate, and regulatory aspects. We offer a wide range of legal services for projects and business people, local and foreign companies, in and outside the republic of Iraq.

Sama Hammurabi submit tax reports for companies and offer direct tax reports for foreign companies to the grand jury department, include companies in the Iraqi ministry of labour and social affairs\retirement and social affairs department, register trademarks for companies in the Iraqi ministry of industry and mineral and get needed approval for the companies and projects from the sectoral regulators and authorities concerned.

They offer legal advice for major NGOs and GOs in and outside of the country those organizations included the Extractive industries, and legal advisers for the Iraqi Journalists syndicate out of our belief in the independence of the Fourth Estate and freedom of speech. Their guiding principles are Justice, Expertise and Innovation.


Contact Email: [email protected]


Hotline: 6268