AMAR International is IBBC’s charity of choice. AMAR has been rebuilding and improving the lives of some of the world’s poorest and most disadvantaged people for the last 35 years.

AMAR was founded by Baroness Nicholson in 1992 to provide primary healthcare and education to Iraqi refugees.

In 2003 AMAR moved into Iraq and provided millions of medical appointments and lessons across Iraq, including support to the Marsh Arabs, the poorest people in Basra, Baghdad, and currently the IDP camps in KRI, for the Yazidis and those displaced by ISIS conflict. AMAR is also providing training and healthcare to people in Basra.

Since 2007, AMAR medical staff have carried out over 10,500,000 medical consultations and given over 1,000,000 vaccinations.

The charity is partners with several IBBC members on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects. Present CSR partners are among others BP IraqBGC and Sardar Group. Regular donors include ABGMutual FinanceSKAProtechniqueUB HoldingOilservTurnkey LLC, AAA holding, Serco.

If your company would like to support apprentices, work experience and business training, please contact: [email protected].

Most recently, London Sky, a Erbil based travel specialist launched in conjunction with IBBC and AMAR, the AMAR 20 Loyalty Programme, which is designed to contribute regular donations to AMAR based on having regular, loyal trading between IBBC members and London Sky.

Past institutional donors to AMAR include the WBWHOUNICEFUSAIDState Department, EU, Irish AID.

Sardar Group support AMAR Yazidi IDP choir’s training and development in pioneering CSR initiative. To read about it here


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