Sardar Group support AMAR Yazidi IDP choir’s training and development in pioneering CSR initiative.

The Sardar Group, led by Mr Sardar Al Bebany, have developed a ground-breaking training and development initiative partnership with the AMAR Foundation to provide business skills, English language, and IT training to Yazidi choir IDPs. ( IDP’s are Internally Displaced People in a country- such as the Yazidis ) .

The AMAR Foundation and Baroness Nicholson, their founder, have not only provided healthcare to the IDP camps, but also mental health services and music lessons to the Yazidis and the victims of ISIS. This has led to the formation of the AMAR Ashty Yazidi women’s choir, who have also been the recipients of a pioneering ( Corporate Social Responsibility CSR) project that Sardar group have sponsored to teach them work skills and work experience.

The driving idea is for businesses to provide the IDP’s with a future and to enable them get work and ultimately leave the camps, to restore their wellbeing and lead fulfilling lives.

The project began in January ‘23 as the Sardar Group took on the first cohort of Yazidi choir members, who have now graduated. Already two members have been offered business roles, and the morale and confidence of the young women is high. The AMAR Ashty choir, of which they are members, are also performing and developing as a business, further evolving their skills. The first performances are due to take place in September, with more lined up.

Zahra the choir’s manager is keen to find more opportunities to perform at corporate, cultural, community and business events. She says ‘We are so grateful to Mr Sardar and AMAR for this opportunity to form and develop the choir, and particularly for the business skills and experiences that go with it. We want to make our choir a successful group that represents our community and culture, while also helping our women to live confident and productive lives’.

Mr Sardar Al Bebany, Chairman & CEO of Sardar Group says ‘Sardar Group is committed to the best development and training of our employees, and we are delighted to be able to extend this expertise to the AMAR Ashty Choir and Yazidi IDP’s from two of the camps in KRI. We have high hopes we can offer some of the graduates’ jobs and opportunities to make a good living.  we have been rewarded in seeing how responsive and dedicated the women are to training and work experience. Sardar is committed to further development and training of IDPs and Iraqis in general, and to ensure young people have access to best-in-class training and development for the benefit of Iraq. I urge other businesses and IBBC members to follow our example and provide similar opportunities to the youth of Iraq.’

Baroness Nicholson, AMAR founder says, We could not be happier with the response of Mr Sardar Al Bebany and the Sardar Group to their dedication in helping the poorest people in Iraq. Sardar Group’s training is second to none, and the AMAR Ashty women’s choir have had immense benefit in studying and seeing how a first-class business works. Mr Sardar has been exceptional in his leadership and support of young people’s training and development, and I consider him a pioneer in best corporate social responsibility in Iraq.

AMAR are seeking other businesses to develop training and work experience for IDP’s and the poorest in Iraq, for we know that these young people will develop into the most committed and loyal employees. In the meantime, we continue to support and expand the AMAR Ashty choir, and hope that IBBC members and the wider business community will be able to hire them to perform at their events, as well as develop their business skills’.

Mr Christophe Michels. MD of IBBC says ‘This is a really important initiative . IBBC members have always supported the healthcare and education of the poorest in Iraq, through our partner the AMAR Foundation but this project is a real trailblazer for how businesses in Iraq are taking responsibility for the communities of which they are apart. The Sardar Group has taken support to a new level, to share their business training and development of apprentices and young people with the AMAR Ashty choir. We encourage other IBBC businesses and businesses generally to emulate this corporate responsibility model for the benefit of young people in all areas of Iraq’

Please view this video to find out more about the project.

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