DAAX has started activities in construction world in 2006 as DIA Holding with 50 % partnership. Based in United Arab Emirates, within this engagement many challenging and prestigious projects have been done together.

In 2007, Construction Engineering and Management activities and services, partnership positioned to Azerbaijan market in construction sector and had put design signature by completing the most prestigious and important Projects for Azerbaijan such as; Flame Towers Complex (consist of Business, Residence, Hotel Towers and The Shopping mall), Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center and The Shahdag Winter and Summer Sports and Tourism center. At a later stage as of 2012, new activities have been established together with 50 % partnership company DIA Holding for the Medical Centers at Ankara Bilkent and Mersin Integrated Hospital Management and Medical Center Complex projects in Turkey.

As of January 2017, the partnership has been concluded and work scope has been separated from joint projects. Since then, DAAX Construction continue its way by having the most challenging and prestigious new projects at national and international platforms.


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