About the Federation

The Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce is an economical and professional organization aiming to care and organize the private commercial and economical activity and to reinforce its role in the process of development. It is considered as the biggest economical organization in Iraq since it is supervising of (18) chambers of commerce all over of Iraq that each province has a chamber including the three chambers of Kurdistan Region Irbil, Sulaimaniyah and Duhok.

It enjoys moral personality and it is practicing its financial and administrative independence.

It is established according to the Law no. 43 for 1989 and according to that it is controlled by Directors Board consisting of Chairmen of Chambers and represented by the elected Chairman of the FICC.

Vision & Mission

The Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce is aiming of caring, organizing and implementing business activities relevant to its own field that related to the process of economical performance, taking into consideration the economical transformations in Iraq and in the other regional and international areas and as following:

First: The FICC endeavors to activate its role to ensure its presence in the procedures of amending or preparing of legislations that organizing the commercial activities and the new Governmental trends of transformation  as to ensure its participation when the matter concerning the private sector and also to participate in planning of economical policy.

Second: The FICC endeavors to have its own real position in the process of organizing of importing and exporting in applying of the liberated economical policy in addition to the possessed experiences in regarding of commercial arbitration and of solving problems.

Third: The FICC works to contribute effectively in activating tourism field especially religious one through supporting and encouraging private tourism firms and to represent the FICC in Tourism Committee of DB of Union Arab Chambers of Commerce.

Goals of the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce

The Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce is involving of:

  • Cooperation with industrial and commercial chambers and their economical and professional organizations. It is aiming to reinforce and develop bilateral trade relationships and to consolidate of foundations of Arabian Economical Unity.
  • Holding of relationships with Arabian and foreign chambers, organizations and its counterparts also to contribute in them.
  • To hold and participate in the exhibitions inside and outside of Iraq in coincidence with the relevant bodies.
  • Participating in the meetings, conferences and forums in connection of promoting and implementing of trade.