The International Development Bank (IDB) was established in 2011 with an initial capital of 100 billion Iraqi Dinar or more than USD 68 million. IDB currently has a paid-up capital of 250 billion Iraqi Dinar or more than USD 171 million. Dr. Zead Khalf Abid is the Chairman of the Board and the International Development Bank (IDB) was listed on the Iraqi Stock Exchange in 2018. The International Development Bank has 24 branches and over 600 employees in all governorates in Iraq, from northern to southern Iraq, as well as a representative office in Beirut. The bank made history by becoming the first and only Iraqi bank to be licensed by the UAE Central Bank. Despite the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on various economic sectors, the bank was able to maintain its competitive position in the Iraqi market and preserved its assets, reaching approximately 1.341 billion Iraqi Dinar or USD 928 million as of September 30, 2021.

Thanks to our good reputation and rigorous implementation of anti-money laundering and terrorist financing measures and customer selection policy, depositors’ confidence has increased and strengthened with a total deposit of 775 billion Iraqi Dinar or its equivalent of USD 535 million.

In addition, the lowest levels of credit portfolio risk, high revenue level and capital adequacy have been maintained beyond the minimum requirements of the Central Bank of Iraq and the Bazel Committee in this process. The International Development Bank now has the largest banking network in Iraq, with over 250 ATM machines and 5,000 selling points, as well as a massive IT infrastructure to provide various electronic banking services. Through large financial projects in various sectors and a lending portfolio exceeding USD 70 million, the Bank has participated in a large number of institutional and social initiatives that have positively contributed to Iraq’s reconstruction.

Our Vision
We aspire for our bank to take the lead in the region. We aspire for the International Development Bank to be one of the leading Arab banks in the region.

Our Mission
We seek to ensure that tailor-made commercial banking services are provided to all
industries. Provide highly efficient banking services to ensure customer satisfaction by adopting innovative technologies and digital banking technology.

Our values

We have strong and solid relationships with our customers, depositors and
We support local initiatives and projects to improve our country.
We use the latest and most advanced technologies to deliver the highest levels of
banking services.