The sectors of media, entertainment, and digital technology within Iraq are undergoing dynamic and swift expansion, fuelled primarily by the country’s burgeoning, predominantly youthful, and increasingly urbanised population. Launched in March 2023, the video streaming platform ‘1001’ has emerged as the most rapidly expanding video-on-demand streaming service in the country.

Drawing its inspiration from the timeless and globally resonating charm of ‘1001 Arabian Nights,’ 1001 represents a pioneering global streaming and social platform, underpinned by the significant investment of Iraq’s preeminent independent media conglomerate, the Sharqiya Group. It offers a repository of thousands of hours of exclusive Iraqi content encompassing an array of new, internally commissioned original productions. These offerings are further augmented by several additional thousand hours of international content, sourced from preeminent studios, production houses, and broadcasters, meticulously curated to cater to the distinctive predilections of its predominantly youthful Iraqi demographic.

Recognising the instrumental role of streaming platforms in catalysing creative ecosystems on a global scale, 1001 is playing a pivotal role in fostering substantial creative media content capabilities within Iraq. Concurrently, it is actively seeking to attract top-tier American, British, Arabic, and Asian content to bolster its Iraq-centric catalogue, whilst playing an active role in supporting the creative and artistic ecosystem within Iraq.

We extend a warm welcome to 1001 within the IBBC community, as it pioneers the evolution of high-calibre media in Iraq and ushers a shift in viewer preference, transitioning from unauthorised streaming platforms to a feasible, lawful alternative. We eagerly anticipate supporting their endeavours to licence top UK content as a foundational element of their value proposition.

You can watch more on or download the 1001 app via the Apple Store, Google Play Store, or Huawei App Gallery