Hydro-C Ltd is an international services provider and procurement company. Our team supplies the energy sector worldwide, chiefly the oil and gas industry, with a particular focus on Iraq and the Middle East.

We understand the importance of having a trusted, agile, and responsive procurement partner. Our commitment is to provide high quality products and services. We ensure production continuity and disruption-free operations for our clients.

Mr Hassan Heshmat: Founder and Managing Director of Hydro-C

We provide:

  • Diverse High-Quality Products Globally (general equipment, electrical, instrumentation, pipes, fittings, chemicals, pumps, valves, etc.)
  • Supporting Services & Resources (repair, maintenance, construction, warehousing, logistics, testing, etc.)
  • Renewable Energy Solutions (for solar energy, wind energy, biomass energy, etc).
  • Bespoke IT Services & Solutions (IT equipment, digital security, software design, etc).
  • Agriculture and infrastructure development
  • Defence and security services
  • Chemicals, turbine cleaners, specialised protection equipment
  • PPE, gas monitoring systems, specialised gas protection and alert systems
  • Business development for UK, EU and US based manufactures and suppliers to access the Iraqi markets

Oil & Gas Show Iraq 2020: H.E. Ihsan Abduljabbar Ismaael Al-Saade, Minister of Oil visits Hydro-C stand.

 Hydro-C story:

Hydro-C is a British family business established in March 2013.

Hydro-C Ltd operates through our main branch office in Glasgow, UK, and we offer immediate support to our customers through our local offices in Iraq, Dubai, EU, and US.

The company was established to bridge the gap between Middle East and the European market by means of sourcing and distributing specialised products made in the UK and EU to go into Iraq and other gulf and middle eastern countries.

Since 2013 we have successfully represented several UK, US and Chinese manufacturers who became interested in supporting the Iraq energy sector. We are now stocking these specialised materials in Iraq and distribute Iraq wide.

Furthermore, UK is leading the global effort to transform the energy sector to greener and more sustainable for the future generations of mother earth. These solutions are readily available through Hydro-C Ltd to all our customers willing to meet the 2035 Zero emission target.

Iraq is reclaiming its rank as the world’s fastest-growing oil exporter, cushioning consumers from other countries supply outages for now and, perhaps, reviving OPEC market share rivalries down the road. Iraq – already OPEC’s second-largest producer – is likely to post one of the biggest annual output jumps in its history as BP, ExxonMobil, Shell and other companies start developing its fields. Beside the abundance of Oil and Gas reserve, the average annual amount of sun hours is 3250 hours: this is an ideal source of energy which Hydro-C Ltd is offering growing countries in the Middle East. This will allow the transformation of energy sector into greener and more sustainable option which render the country in a promising spot within the global energy map.

Typical Hydro-C toolbox talk.

Hydro-C Mission

Our mission is to provide expertly planned, tailor-made and professionally executed services to meet the complex demands of our clients.

Our mission is to be an environmentally conscious, fiscally responsible, well managed, for-profit enterprise that reinvests for future growth and development.

Our mission is to grow reserves and production by employing a benefit-based use of technology and resources.

Our mission is to innovate. We will strive to fully understand each problem or opportunity. We will remain open-minded and explore new possibilities that lead to effective solutions.

Our mission is to build and maintain alliances with those who share our interests and can contribute to and participate in our success.

We believe in education, enrichment, and development.

We will foster relationships that integrate the talent, interests, and goals of all our co-workers.

Hydro-C vision

We are committed to being a premier sustainable and green energy company, and top-tier performer, by creating value through sustainable, efficient growth locally and internationally.

We also strive to create a better everyday life innovatively and economically for our shareholders, while continually improving our business efficiencies and achieving operational excellence.

Our primary goal is simple but ambitious: we plan on becoming one of the leading independent energy providers, developing sustainable sources of green power and list Hydro-C as a pioneer company in transforming the energy sector from fossil fuel to sustainable sources.

To achieve this, we are implementing an ambitious integrated green solution and work closely with IOCs to incorporate zero emission solutions during the process of exploration and drilling programs, capitalising on the breadth of our team’s experience and our extensive knowledge of the regions in which we operate.

To assist in the transformation and growth of energy sector towards greener and ore sustainable options through our “best in class” service and excellence in the execution; “we make it easy”, to design and build high quality assets for our clients that serve to maximize their rate of return on capital invested.

Our Aim for 2021

Our aim for 2021 is to start transforming the power supply of oil wells ESP (Electrical Submersible Pumps) to be linked to solar panel farms instead of utilising 24/7 diesel generators. This will not only save Iraq millions of US dollars but also will add more workforce while introducing new solutions into the oil operations.


For further information visit Hydro-C website at https://hydro-c.co.uk/ or email us at [email protected]