The SKA International Group (SKA) is a company synonymous with the highest standards in service delivery.  We excel in providing turnkey solutions for bulk fuels supply chain delivery and both ground and aviation logistic services.  We excel in meeting all the life support and business needs of our clients in the most dangerous and difficult places in the world.

Headquartered in Dubai, SKA’s operations are focused in 6 countries in the region, employing over 800 employees across our range of activities.

SKA’s diverse capabilities in Iraq include a wide range of Fuel Distribution and Fuel Supply Chain Management, Ground Logistics, Life Support Construction and Operations, and Security Services. The SKA team has been providing mission critical services in Iraq since 2003 making us a true pioneer and the recognized experts in frontier logistics turnkey solutions.

In addition to our countrywide turnkey fuel and logistics solutions, SKA are a major investor in Iraq and currently operate Iraq’s first private sector Fuel Storage and Distribution hub in Khor Al Zubair, Basra Province.  Our state of the art Fuel Terminal is fully capable of meeting all current storage and distribution requirements for imported products.  When combined with the recent award of a Jetty Management Contract in Khor Al Zubair Port, SKA can now provide the complete fuels solution from ship to forecourt for IOC’s, government entities and the private sector.

SKA’s capabilities in Iraq include:

  • Certified Commercial Aviation Fuel Supplier at all Iraq Airports.
  • Licensed Refined Petroleum Products and Additives Importer and Distributor to the GOI and a growing customer base in Iraq
  • Expert in Expeditionary Fuels Solutions
  • Life Support – Facility Operations
  • Airport Passenger Services
  • Extensive Land, Sea and Air Logistics and Transport Solutions
  • Warehouse, Storage, Freight and Customs Clearance Solutions

Our extensive experience, unbeatable safety record and diverse capabilities ensures we are well equipped to deal with the changing dynamics of your business needs. We have built a solid reputation of providing excellent professional services for our diverse customer base and are able to deliver results on time and with the utmost professionalism and confidence.

SKA is a long-term player in Iraq, investing substantially despite the unstable and volatile environment. These substantial investments help drive local economic and employment opportunities for local Iraqi citizens.  Greater than 80% of SKA Employees are local Iraqi nationals.  SKA knows the value of local investment and will continue to invest in the communities in which we operate.