The Northern Iraq Regional Government is implementing ground breaking reforms, such as bank restructuring and private sector development, while simultaneously reducing corruption.

These are the key elements to the economic growth of the Kurdistan region as a whole – and Erbil in particular.

Strong economic growth

In this booming economic climate Erbil is now one of the rising stars.

First class hotels are being built to accommodate business delegations and the growing tourist trade.

Shopping malls and housing projects are springing up, not only in Erbil but also in Kurdistan’s main towns and cities.

It is not a question of if business opportunities will arise in Kurdistan, they are available now.

How we can help

Erbil Chamber of Commerce can help potential investors make the most out of this amazing growth market.

We can facilitate business-to-business meetings between Western companies and their private sector counterparts in Kurdistan.

We also aim to improve understanding of the commercial opportunites, expand exports, encourage investments and introduce foreign investors to the Kurdistan region’s business and political leaders.

The Erbil Chamber of Commerce has more than 12,000 businessmen members and more than 1,200 registered companies.

We also have close ties with the Suleimaniyah and Dohuk Chambers of Commerce.

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