KCA Deutag is one of the world’s leading drilling and engineering contractors. The company operates more than 100 drilling rigs in over than 18 countries employing people in Africa, Europe, Russia, the Middle East and the Caspian Sea. The Middle East is a significant area of growth for KCA Deutag’s land drilling operations. The company current rig count in the region consists of 10 rigs in Oman, 4 rigs in Iraq, 2 rigs in Pakistan and 2 rig in the UAE.

Within the Middle East, Iraq is a key market. In 2009, the company started marketing activities in Iraq by engaging in various discussions with clients, the community and local stakeholders. Our first contract, working for an integrated service company in the Zubair field, was then awarded in 2010. Since then, the company has expanded operations in the country, drilling several wells with exceptional performance, for example:

  • Over a recent 18 month period (2016-2017), the reduction in non-productive-time (NPT) and the focus in decreasing flat times delivered additional 55 rig-days and generated a total of $6m in spread costs savings
  • The safety performance of KCA Deutag in the Middle East has consistently been two to three times better than the Middle East equivalent reported by the International Association of Drilling Contractors

In every country where KCA Deutag operates, the philosophy is to build a local organisation that delivers value to the local economy. Our Iraq operation has circa 68% of its job positions occupied by Iraqi nationals, some of whom hold senior drilling crew positions.

For more information www.kcadeutag.com