Message from CEO:

At Phosphatic Fertilizers, we aspire to demonstrate our creativity and
resilience by adding value to the agronomical needs of our country. As we
continue to persevere and make the most of our unique resources, we thread
towards the path of global sustenance by creating favorable conditions for
local farming communities. We are driven by the aspiration to feed millions
through manufacturing and embracing advanced technologies. It will further
accelerate the production of nutritious food and significantly contribute to
mitigating the problems faced by the environment. As we strengthen the
cooperative system, we also envision diversifying into other core sectors like
Power, Port, Infrastructure, and Rural systems.
Since our inception, we have set the precedence for a well-oiled industry that
focuses on uplifting its community. We’ve evolved as leaders in the
agronomical space, as we supply our consumers with key agricultural
products that enhance their productivity and food supply. By accumulating
years of experience, our expertise has contributed to the empowerment of the
farming community and has continued to add substantial value to
agricultural products. Thus, as we open the doors to a healthier and
sustainable tomorrow, we at Phosphatic Fertilizers tirelessly work towards a
brighter future for the agricultural industry.

Amet Selman CEO of AAA holding Group