IBBC’s Tech forum at The IBBC Dubai conference

This year’s Tech forum is a forward looking and inspirational session, covering new initiatives in Education skills including AI/Cyber/Big data and online teaching courses, as well as an overview on how Iraq’s start up economy is evolving and the challenges it faces.  Laura Oliver of Iraq venture partners will take us through the challenges and opportunities of the start-up sector and what needs to happen next, and Padraig O’Hannelly editor of Iraq business news is providing his overview of the status of technology adaptation and evolution in Iraq.

Agriculture and water adaptation to climate change through technology are high on Iraq’s agenda for reform and Mohammed Shamal has some answers and proposals from his work in Abu Dhabi and with UK’s Agritech innovations and with GOI and World bank in Iraq. How Iraq can make swift water saving efficiencies in agriculture, the importance of soil health and the incorporation of carbon credits into the farming system to create an investment vehicle for better farming resilience, and the need for long term planning for a different kind of agriculture as is being advocated in Abu Dhabi.

From Stirling Education, we will learn of their pioneering work in their schools, for online learning courses for pupils and for teacher training and digital literacy, to ensure they are able to teach online education. Stirling are also supporting the Government of KRG to bring online education into their public schools. Unihouse global too are leading the way in online learning and skills, across healthcare and engineering, as they innovate with real life virtual training scenarios and learning modules, and in conjunction with Kuwait university formulating new courses in AI, Cyber, Big Data. IOT and immersive technologies.

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