IBBC’s Spring Conference 2019: Interview with Baroness Nicholson, the Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Iraq and President of IBBC


President of IBBC Baroness Nicholson focuses in Iraq’s economy, in need of a solid economic structure and secure finance. She stresses that the Economy of Iraq is a core topic of the Conference, comprising sessions on Banking and Finance; alongside other relevant themes, such as Oil & Gas, Construction, Infrastructure, Education and Tech.

Baroness Nicholson stresses the prominence of the audience and the participants in this year’s event, with the whole objective of establishing stronger partnerships, better futures and important introductions of regulatory framework.

She also reflects on the progress of the IBBC during these 10 years. Since she founded it, the Council has managed to have a positive impact on Iraq’s ordinary people – thousands of high calibre jobs have been created in Iraq, through the IBBC network and member companies.
The Baroness shares words of praise for the work of the IBBC during the past decade and concedes that there is still progress to be made in Iraq, particularly in the building of the the private sector in linkage with the Government.