UniHouse Operate and Manage TTC Academy of SRC in Iraq

In a significant advancement for the South Refinery Company (SRC), UniHouse has embarked on a pioneering educational venture, commissioned by Hyundai Engineering and Construction (HDEC) and initiated by JGC of Japan. This initiative is aimed at enhancing the technical prowess and vocational skills of SRC’s workforce, equipping them with cutting-edge digital competencies and engineering training.

UniHouse’s operational mandate is extensive and multifaceted. It encompasses all aspects of center readiness, from initiating training activities to overseeing daily operations. A significant part of their role involves developing and executing vital documentation, processes, and training methodologies. In addition to assembling a skilled management team, UniHouse will also be responsible for recruiting expert trainers to lead the training programs, complemented by staff from SRC.

The TTC Academy is part of JGC project to build 55,000 barrels/day facility funded by JICA of Japan

The core objective of this project is to adeptly prepare SRC’s workforce for the management and operation of one of Iraq’s largest facilities, a project under the aegis of JGC of Japan. At the heart of this initiative is UniHouse’s crucial role in formulating and implementing the operational blueprint for the academy, ensuring the Technical Training Center (TTC) established by HDEC functions seamlessly.

The TTC is projected to be a bastion of knowledge and skill development, offering SRC staff a comprehensive platform for training. The center is set to transcend the traditional boundaries of technical education, fostering a culture of continual growth and innovation within SRC.

The TTC Academy is specifically designed to augment the vocational and technological acumen of SRC staff. The curriculum is comprehensive, encompassing digital skills, engineering competencies, and specialized vocational training in critical areas such as welding, safety, and scaffolding.

UniHouse will administer and manage the academy for a 12-month period. Following this, the TTC Academy will be handed over to the SRC management, under the guidance of both HDEC and JGC of Japan.