The Iraqi ministry of higher education appoints IBBC member UniHouse as partners to roll out IELTS examinations in 18 Iraqi Universities.

In a breakthrough decision, the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education has greenlighted a strategic partnership with UniHouse, a distinguished British institute to oversee IELTS (of IDP) examinations and roll out the related English language curricula in 18 top Iraqi public and private universities.

The higher education ministry has recently introduced international testing and standards protocols on a national scale, to strengthen English language capabilities in Iraqi academic institutions and ensure they remain at the forefront of global education standards. As partners in this project, UniHouse will oversee English language assessments and offer specialised English training tailored to various careers, and as a recognised recognized publisher of essential language and vocational literature, is also a trusted conduit for prospective students seeking international study opportunities.

The significance of this partnership cannot be underestimated, in terms of raising Iraqi Universities English standards, and as a partnership between the ministry and the private sector, which in this instance is seen as providing best in class standards and the ability to test many thousands of students in English and vesting authority in UniHouse to oversee collaboration with the Universities.

For background, UniHouse offers specialized English training tailored for various careers as well as assessing English Language examinations. Additionally, the institution is a recognized publisher of essential language and vocational literature. UniHouse are also leading members of IBBC education sector group.

Aows Dargazali, Regional Director – Learning and Development of UniHouse says ’UniHouse is delighted to be bringing our internationally renowned English assessments and teaching services to the top Universities in Iraq, and to be partnering with the higher Education ministry in this pioneering endeavour, who have given us the authority to run this project While there is much teaching to be done and many thousands of exams to be assessed, we are confident this is a big step for Iraq in joining the international educational community and for Iraqi students to be perceived as equally qualified as all international students. I’d like to add that this would not have achieved this without IBBC who provided strategy, communication with Higher Education Ministry which really helped it all to happen, my thanks to Prof Mohammed Al Uzri who was the strategic prime mover’.

Christophe Michels MD of IBBC says ’we are delighted to have participated in enabling our member Unihouse to obtain this relationship with the ministry, and are pleased to see the partnership succeed, as well as the promotion and teaching of English in Iraqi Universities, to put them at the forefront in English use as the leading international business language’.

Mohammed Al Uzri, Education lead at IBBC ‘it is most rewarding to see our growing group of Education members engaging with Iraqi ministry of higher education and for such positive results to emerge through our long term commitment to quality and expanding educational provision in Iraq. Unihouse bring international standards to Iraq, and we are determined many of our other members will follow in their steps and invite other Universities and Institutions to join us in this endeavour’.