Stirling Schools, hosts the AMAR Ashty Yazidi women’s choir at Duhok Ishik Schools.

February 17, 2024, Baroness Emma Nicholson, President of IBBC, accompanied by Andrew Methven of AMAR Foundation, attended the inspiring Yazidi women’s Choir performance at Duhok Ishik Schools, a member of the Stirling Schools network. Hosted by global CEO Mr. Timothy Fisher and Iraq CEO Dr. Umed Aruzery of Stirling Schools, with the Amar Foundation, the concert proved to be a remarkable celebration of culture, harmony, and education. The Yazidi choir was led by Professor Michael Bochmann of Trinity Laban Conservatoire, London.

Yazidi students, who also receive English courses at Duhok Ishik Schools, presented a captivating variety of folk songs in the presence of esteemed guests, including the Mayor of Duhok, the Director of Education, proud parents, and leaders of Stirling Schools. Additionally, Grade 2 students from Duhok Ishik Schools performed for the audience with a cultural performance, in traditional Kurdish attire.

Baroness Nicholson, deeply moved by the Yazidi students’ performance, praised their talent and dedication. She extended her commendations to Michael Bochman for his exceptional mentorship of the choir, and she expressed her delight in witnessing the young Stirling students’ captivating stage presence.

Baroness Nicholson was presented with a heartfelt gift—a carefully crafted rug of the Kurdistan Flag—created by a nine-year-old Stirling student. Expressing her gratitude for the thoughtful present, especially from a young student, Baroness Nicholson commended the organizing committee of Stirling Schools, remarking them as ‘Amazing Stirling Schools, amazing. I was deeply moved by Yazidi performance and enchanted by the children’s beautiful singing and playing.’

The concert served as a meaningful platform for Yazidi students to share their rich cultural heritage and narratives through the universal language of music, supported by the collaborative efforts of the Amar Foundation and Stirling Schools.