Stirling education annual report: Re -imagining education

Stirling Education enjoyed an expansive and successful year 2022-2023.

Stirling operates in 6 major cities of Iraq: KRG Erbil City • Sulaymaniyah City • Duhok City • Baghdad City • Kirkuk City • Basra City.

Key areas of success and priorities include.

Dedicated staff training and development ( CPD) Staff training , with support of City and guilds, ISA and ASIC, digital development through the Jupiter platform, an EduPortal, Stirling Schools’ dynamic Sharing Platform revolutionizing education, informing  with the latest news, trends, and developments in education and Access to essential documents streamlining resource utilization and admin efficiency.

Student development using the Jupiter Digitized Schools Online School Management System for digital learning in 610 classrooms, and 120 laboratories equipped with 4K Smartboards, transforming them into interactive learning hubs including digital literacy in English Arabic and Kurdish, while The Code Avengers Program empowers students to excel in Information Technology, emphasizing practical coding skills and data analysis.

Students’ success includes, with a Scholarship to Brown Uni, 10 students in top 3 Wezary awards, 20 in top 10. Student leavers Further education include: 58% Faculty of Medicine (Medical Departments) 20% Faculty of Engineering 7% Science & Education 7% Law and Business & Administration 8% Other Faculties.

Stirling Students came 2nd, 4th and 2 finalists in HIPPO International English Olympiad 60,000 participants from 50 countries, highlighting exceptional dedication, proficiency, to excellence in the English language.

Stirling partnerships with many organisations includes the International ICETS program: partners include University of Buckingham, City & Guilds, GEMS, Cambridge, KRG ministry of Education and Med Iraq, British Embassy and IBBC. 2023 theme is “Exploring education that can nurture and appeal to Generation Z and Alpha.” with 42 Speakers from 32 respected international institutions, 5000 participants from educational institutions of 70 countries registered for the Virtual ICET 2023 conference.

Other events include Briefing with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research on Teacher Training and Education Centre, Briefing the KRG Minister of Education on Teacher Training and Education Centre

Extracurricular activities include Enriching students with visits and guests. singers, competitions, charity engagement, after school activities- robotics, social responsibility events, food, cooking and science events, camping and ethics.

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