KRG Minister of Trade and Industry meets UK Trade Envoy


Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne and HE Samal Sardar

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Minister of Trade and Industry, HE Samal Sardar, met today with UK Trade Envoy for Iraq and IBBC Chairman, Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne.

The Minister called for British Companies to come to Iraqi Kurdistan and provide training to develop human resources. He particularly stressed the importance of training programmes that provide internationally accredited certifications. He also acknowledged the fact that the law will need to be revised in order to set up accreditation centres.

Baroness Nicholson highlighted the role of the region as a gateway to Iraq and hailed the close links developed by the IBBC and the KRG Representation in London.

The Minister encouraged investment in four industrial zones currently being developed in the KRG. He suggested that construction companies should develop these zones and be fit to attract SMEs.

Baroness Nicholson and Mr Sardar also talked about the recently held Erbil Business Conference, which was organised jointly by the KRG Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the IBBC with the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce. This successful event was attended by more than 400 delegates and it was agreed that it should be repeated next year.

The meeting was also attended by IBBC members Angelique Lecorps, G4S, and Rasmi Al Jabri, Basrah Engineering Group.


HE Samal Sardar and Baroness Nicholson surrounded by KRG Representatives, IBBC Members and Staff