Iraq Today Launch

IRAQ TODAY.  A new magazine for an emerging nation.

Something extraordinary is happening in Iraq. New oil wealth is powering one of the biggest national building programmes in modern history. Iraq is exporting almost 3 million barrels of oil a day boosting federal coffers by 7 billion US dollars a month. This new magazine seeks to report what is really going on delivering the stories overlooked by world media outlets.

Our cover story features an exclusive look at Basrah Sports City – built at a cost of half a billion US dollars this new stadium is one of the biggest in the world and will host the Gulf Cup in 2015.

Other stories focus on Shell Iraq’s massive mine clearance operation at Al Majnoon – once a major battle site in the Iran Iraq war but now producing a million barrels of oil a day

We also look at the dynamic telecoms market in Iraq which is one of the fastest growing in the world

We feature exclusive interviews with senior Iraqi politicians and investigate why a million Iraqis are short of food despite living in potentially one of the richest nations on the planet

In our sports section football expert Barnaby Wilson looks at the performance of the Iraqi national squad and poses this question: “will the Lions roar again?”

There are restaurant and book reviews in our lifestyle section and fitness guru Graham Fairley writes exclusively for us.

IRAQ TODAY is a world first: a realistic attempt to highlight what is really happening in nation emerging from decades of conflict and war.



The Contents include:


Welcome letter

We’ve got mail

Catch the action from the recent IBBC events

News pages

New Basrah Governor first interview

Iraq behind the headlines

Dr Rowsch Nori Shaways

10 Things you need 
to know
Essential information for investors in Iraq



Cover story
More than just a stadium: 
Sports City is a lot more to the Iraqi people than just a football coliseum

Front line
Drilling in the danger zone:
report on the brave Iraqi teams turning a battlefield in to an 
oil field

Iraq oil – a blessing or a curse? Iraq has some of the biggest oil reserves in the world. But so far oil wealth has not changed the lives of millions of ordinary Iraqis

6 million Iraqis face food shortages: but looking after the environment is a possible solution to ending Iraq’s food shortages

Can the Lions roar again?
Iraqi women search for a level playing field
Remembering Ammo Baba



Iraqi Airways flies high

Mobile phone operators battle for Iraqi market: 
Who will win?



Postcard from…
Our cameraman captures the rich kaleidoscope of Iraqi life

Book review
Photojournalists on war

Restaurant review
Taste testing in Basrah and Erbil

Fitness focus
Graham Fairley’s exclusive workout