Iraq is mandating 14 day quarantine for all new arrivals into Iraq.

Here are the details and information to navigate this requirements, from Petronor,  who have set up a dedicated transit facility to manage this process and ensure your staff can work in comfort for the duration:


The Iraqi authorities are mandating arrivals to Iraq to quarantine for 14 days in facilities approved by the Iraqi Ministry of Health. Most companies will be cautious before they approve of the facilities where they will allow their staff to spend their 14 day self-isolation period. To ensure that companies can get back to work in Iraq, and to allow their staff to conclude their mandated 14 day quarantine period, Petronor has therefore, in cooperation with International SOS (ISOS), set up a dedicated Transit Isolation Facility approved by the Iraqi Ministry of Health at Iraq Energy City (IEC).


The Transit Isolation Facility will allow your staff to come to work in Iraq, and to complete their self-isolation period under supervision of dedicated health care professionals from ISOS ensuring a safe living and working environment during their stay. All necessary hygiene protocols will be followed to ensure the all guests and tenants at IEC are protected. The health and safety of our guests at is of utmost importance. Please find below a brochure with more details on the Transit Isolation Service.

COVID-19, International SOS FAQ for Transit Isolation at IEC

COVID-19, IEC – Transit Isolation Services

BHD Quarantine – IEC Approval


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