Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC) Welcomes MHDInternational as a New Member to foster Engineering and Development in Iraq

The Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC) is pleased to announce the addition of MHDInternational to our network of esteemed members. MHDInternational, an engineering consultancy with operations throughout UK and the Middle East, joins IBBC in our mission to promote sustainable development and economic growth in Iraq.

With its expertise in engineering consultancy and human resources management, MHDInternational is ideally positioned to contribute to Iraq’s infrastructure projects and development initiatives. This partnership aligns with IBBC’s active engagement in facilitating economic development through collaboration with Iraqi government officials and international enterprises.

Collaboration between IBBC members and MHDInternational is set to introduce innovative solutions and international expertise in sectors critical to Iraq’s growth, including oil and gas, infrastructure, and civil engineering. MHDInternational entered the Iraqi consultancy market with a multinational diverse alliance of engineering consultancies that focus on Infrastructure, Water, Wastewater, Highways, Bridges, Strategic planning, and Design outsourcing.

MHDInternational is also introducing the MENA Engineering Design Centre, that is based in Baghdad and can provide engineering design support for all international companies that face challenges with the availability of competent engineering resources. This service is a milestone in utilising the rich Iraqi engineering resources market and providing solutions for international consultancies for any project around the world, with excellent proximity to the European time zone and the Middle East.

Christophe Michels, Managing Director of IBBC, commented, “We are delighted to welcome MHDInternational to the IBBC family. Their extensive experience in engineering and project management will be invaluable as we continue to support Iraq’s redevelopment efforts. This partnership underscores our commitment to enriching Iraq’s sector capabilities and enhancing the business environment.”

Montadhar Najem chairman of MHDInternational stated, “Joining IBBC is a pivotal step for us as we expand our engagement in the Middle East, especially in Iraq where the opportunities for development and collaboration are extensive. We look forward to working alongside IBBC and its members to contribute to the nation’s thriving future.”