Iraq 2020: a country at the crossroads.

Members of the IBBC Advisory Council have published a paper entitled ‘Iraq 2020: A country at the crossroads’.

The purpose of this extensive paper is to provide insight and advice to the new Iraqi Government. It particularly focuses on the political and economic backdrop to the country, with analysis and solutions from a private sector perspective.

The papers authors are Professor Frank Gunter (lead author), Prof, Mohammed Al Uzri, Dr Renad Mansour, Mr Hani Akkawi, Mr Hussein Al Uzri, Mr Shwan Aziz Ahmed, and Mr Christophe Michels for the IBBC’s management.

The paper provides a broad view on how to support Iraq’s transition, with a call to action ranging from the requirement to engage the Iraqi people, to solutions for the banking and investment sector, defeating ISIS and responding to COVID and healthcare specific solutions, and how to develop the private sector with a regulatory regime for successful business.

The paper has been sent to the Prime Minister, to the President, the President of Parliament, a number of Ministers and officials.

Christophe Michels, IBBC MD, says ‘Iraq is facing a deepening multifaceted crisis without precedent in recent times. This article has been published in support of the Iraqi Government which has the opportunity to use this crisis to change Iraq and prepare it for a better and more prosperous future’.


Iraq 2020: a country at the crossroads – English

Iraq 2020: a country at the crossroads – Arabic 


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