Introducing New IBBC Members

IBBC hosted a zoom panel for new IBBC members on Monday 11th January 2021, to introduce new members to each other, to explain what they do, and their vision for Iraq to the wider membership and audiences.

Recent new member speakers include:

  • Mr Jaber Aljaberi, CEO, A A Global Trading Company
  • Mr Maythem H. Al-Asadi, President, Kufan Group
  • Dr Kodo S Aziz, Q Board member, CISQ – Cambridge International School – Queen Anne
  • Mr Richard Thompson, Executive Director, Radiola Limited
  • Mr Jorge Vila, General, Bell Finance LLC.

These new members cover various different sectors and each seek different business requirements, for example. AA Global specialise in provision of pharmaceuticals and medical supplier and are looking to source from pharmaceutical suppliers from the UK, CISQ  provide schools and increasingly University placed and seek UK educational expertise and partnerships, Radiola, as high tech airport management and surveillance providers, are looking for a network of western businesses in the aviation sector in Iraq and Iraqi partners to provide more local employees in its work, Kufan Group as high tech and modern manufacturers and engineers seek UK expertise and business with IBBC Members, while Bell finance are looking to invest in Iraqi SMEs that require loans.


While the panelists extend to different markets and business sectors, there was remarkable agreement about the future of Iraq and how things can improve for the private sector, Including Improved Security, Political Consistency and stability, improved banking and expanded private sector were common issues to ensure increased investment and business expansion in Iraq. More than anything the private sector wants stability and ease of doing business, and on this basis will provide the jobs and prosperity that Iraq needs.

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