IBBC’s Iraq updates members express concerns and opportunities

IBBC’s latest Iraq member update session featured 5 member speakers and Mr Christophe Michel including.

John Kitchen, Defaf Al-Khaleej Security Services -security update

John Henderson, Menzies Aviation – aviation update
Turug Titanoglu CJ-ICM – ports update

Mohammed Khudairi, Khudairi Group – oil and gas update

William Page, 1001 Media – media

Among a generally positive tone from members, there were general concerns about the provision of contracts to Chinese companies, who keep supply chains with Chinese companies and are depleting the choice of companies within Iraq infrastructure.

On the upside, Turug Titanoglu of CJ-ICM reported that the Basra port terminal two is underway to expand and modernise operations in Basra , along with electronic processing of inventory, which is currently confusing to companies, but will ultimately be a good thing.

John Kitchen of Defaf stated that attacks by IS are greatly reduced, that some tribal conflicts continue, but that during Ramadan conflict reduces by over 50%. The American bases are expecting increased attacks in relation to Israel in the coming days.

John Henderson of Menzies took us through the breadth of Menzies operations and the current smooth running and increased volume of business in Baghdad airport and Iraq Airways.

Mohammed Khudairi covered the wide range of his companies’ operations, which are tilting towards greener provision and capture of gas, modernising pipelines, and more international work, while Iraq ventures is growing as an investment platform for startups.

William Page outlined the importance of the new IP regulations to protect content and intellectual property of media and brand owners, which has now given rise to several new ISP and media deals with 1001 his streaming service, which is already Iraqs second largest streaming company.

Christophe Michels, ended the session by outlining the ministers who attended and met the recent trade mission led by Baroness Nicholson, and the various successful events held in Baghdad and Erbil in the last month for members.

Next session in April, open only to members, Speakers to include Mselect, Hogan Lovells, SC.