IBBC sponsors the first ‘Industry Advisory Board’ Conference held at Gilgamesh University in Baghdad

The first “Industry Advisory Board Conference” was held at the Gilgamesh University campus in Baghdad on the 1st of November 2023.

In attendance was the Minister of Higher Education, H.E. Naeem Al Aboudi, the ministry’s deputy minister, Members of Parliament education committee, university presidents, Deans of public and private colleges, academics, professors and representatives of several syndicates. The private sector was present through senior officials from corporate Iraqi companies.

The aim of the conference was to promote establishing Industry Advisory Boards in all Iraqi universities, the discussions focused on developing students’ skills and developing scientific research in a way that is compatible with the labor market by working to qualify the graduates of higher education, empower and prepare them to join the work force.

In his keynote speech the Minister of Higher Education, H.E. Naeem Al Aboudi, urged universities to link their curricula to the needs of the market and the requirements of government and private sector companies. He said “The creation of Industry Advisory Councils in universities and colleges will ensure coordinate cooperation between universities, companies, sectoral ministries, unions, and relevant organizations.”

Keynote speeches were delivered by Dr. Muzahim Al-Khayyat, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Education Committee, Prof. Hamid Khalaf Ahmed, Prime Ministers Advisor and Executive Director at The Higher Committee for Education Development in Iraq at the Prime Minister’s Office, Dr. Haider Abd Dahd , Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Hazem Al-Zubaidi, Director General of the Government Program at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

On a notable contribution to the conference via zoom, Dr. Moatez Mezall Hussein from Cambridge University shared with a well-illustrated presentation on the large screen the Cambridge University experience on the Industry Advisory Board that they have set up and their practices linking the curricula to the work market requirements.

IBBC was represented in the conference by Nabeel Mohsin who said “The IBBC is proud to be part of this conference because the top priority in Iraq is tackling high unemployment and we view this initiative, to increase appropriately trained and skilled graduates, is essential for young Iraqis to join the workforce after graduation.”

IBBC’s advisor on education, Professor Mohammed Al-Uzri, says “IBBC’s education group has prioritized the link between education and skills for industry, as its essential for the development of a modern industrial and private sector, but also ensures young people have the relevant qualification to enter the work environment. We welcome this Advisory board initiative and are proud to be key sponsors of the conference.’