IBBC partners with Iraq Energy Institute for the Energy Forum conference 2022

IBBC is delighted to be partnering with the Iraq Energy Institute (IEI) for their 6th Flagship event Iraq Energy Forum conference on 18- 20th June at the American University of Iraq – Baghdad (AUIB). As a leading business network, with a strong presence in the oil and gas sector, IBBC believes in keeping up with the latest thinking and policies that IEI offers.

Ibrahim Sultan Executive Director of IEI says’ we are delighted to engage IBBC as a partner to the IEI our flagship event Iraq Energy Forum (IEF 2022), and value their access to and relationship with the leading energy providers in Iraq’.

Christophe Michels MD IBBC says ‘IBBC very much value the contribution and understanding that IEI brings to the energy sector in Iraq and the region, and we look forward to a long and productive relationship as partners for the conference and the future’.

Christophe Michels and Professor Frank Gunther will attend on behalf of IBBC and leading IBBC Members are due to speak including Zaid Elyasery, BP Iraq, Ali al Janabi of Shell Iraq and Sara Akbar of Oilserv. During our own conference at the Mansion house the panel on energy transition was chaired by Dr Luay al Khateeb the Founder of the Iraq Energy Institute.

Held in cooperation with the Iraqi government represented by key energy and economic ministries, and with the full support of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), Iraq Energy Institute’s 6th flagship Iraq Energy Forum (IEF 2022) returns on 18-20 June 2022 at the American University of Iraq – Baghdad (AUIB) in Baghdad.

This includes a full open day focused on education, women empowerment, and Iraq’s private sector role in supporting community and social responsibility.

Iraq’s premier energy event will once again bring together an exclusive line up of policy and decision-makers, government officials, experts, analysts, and industry leaders from the investor community in Iraq, the Middle East, and beyond.

Global energy markets have experienced unprecedented dynamics since IEF 2019. From the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and its associated supply chain disruptions to a subsequent slow and painful recovery shaped by micro and macroeconomic trends that still linger. Rising inflation and unheeding lockdowns at major trade centre’s continue to ripple affect the global economy.

Meanwhile, the World and by extension the Middle East are starting to experience accelerated transformations that are impacting how governments, energy firms, and businesses approach climate change, sustainability, and investment. Indeed, the energy transition has become at the centre of policy and strategy in the region.

As the world grapples with the effects of conflict in Europe, attention now, more than ever, is refocused on energy security. An almost complete collapse of energy dialogue between suppliers and consumers is adding to the mounting challenges.

The theme of IEF 2022 will be “The Middle East as The Cornerstone of Global Energy Security.” With nations competing for every drop of oil and molecule of natural gas, the Middle East is a petroleum endowed region at crossroads; it must balance between continued investment in fossil fuels and its own sustainability and net-zero targets.

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Source: https://iraqenergy.org/ief2022/