IBBC members attend and support the ‘ Digital transformation of Iraq’ conference with Frontier Exchange

The Digitisation of Iraq conference took place last week online for both government and business officials to attend. As Event partners, IBBC were delighted to field a number of members and contacts, including Baroness Nicholson, who gave a strong presentation on benefits of Tech, Professor Frank Gunter, on his corruption in Iraq publication, Warren Smith of GDS- cabinet office on E Government, Dr. Omed Aruzery the CEO and Chairman of Board of Directors of Stirling Schools Group and Ashley Goodall, who hosted the Emerging technologies panel.

The IBBC members provided a UK perspective of Digital business and how it might benefit and support Iraq in many different sectors, In particular the UK’s leadership in Agritech, Fintech, E Government, Eductech and Automation can immediately benefit Iraq , as well as the associated benefits of reducing corruption, increasing transparency, expanding government tax returns and making the lives of citizens easier and less cumbersome.

What clearly emerged in the discussions, is that there is no shortage of money to invest and upgrade Iraq’s sectors, but key changes to adoption are in the hands of the government for areas of regulation, policy, skills development, the simplification of business rules and bi-passing of bureaucracy and the political will to ensure the financial system is modernised and young people are encouraged to learn digital skills.

Ashley Goodall says’ IBBC have been big advocates of the digitisation of and benefits to Iraq over the last two years, and its heartening to see this subject matter gaining more attention and traction through this conference. The key now is to encourage the Government to implement the infrastructure, skills and regulations that will catapult an inevitable digital development and demand within the country.’