IBBC member Sardar Group quiz H.E PM Mohammed Shia’ Al Sudani on reforms for the private sector on live TV

Ms Leena Zeyad of Sardar Group, spoke on national TV live to the Prime Minister, Mr Sudani about the role of the private sector and its importance. She welcomed the PM and introduced Sardar Group and thanked Mr Bestoon for the opportunity to participate in the program.
She says she works for Sardar Group who have provided job opportunities for many university graduates over the last 11 years and witnessed the good efforts of Sardar Group to contribute to the development, sustainability and rebuilding of Iraq.
Sardar Group have written many letters to all Governments of the past years, explaining the importance of trying to make a bridge between Government sector and Private sector.
An example of this is the proposal to change the agency law which will provide the chance for many investors to come to Iraq and trying to facilitate and open up the local industry to international markets and factories. All this will be part of educating and investing in Iraqi people to provide them with a better life.
She commented that responses are slow and takes time. Nevertheless, we maintain our enthusiasm for an opportunity to engage in a constructive dialogue with the government. We are eager to collaborate and work together to explore the implementation of changes that will, in the long run, bring about substantial benefits for the people of Iraq.

Mr. Bestoon commented that this is a good chance for the Private sector to be heard through this programme and gave an alternative voice to the usual narrative of the rich people have easy access to Government officials.

In response, H. E. Prime Minister Mohammed Shia’ Al Sudani commented that Sardar Group is one of the leading companies in Iraq. The GOV had discussions with Sardar Group and meetings about the tender/ contract of supplying vehicles to MOI.
There is a problem regarding the agency law, but Government has proposed changes to Parliament.
On other issues the Government is working on reforms, for example 2 days ago we held a workshop which was led by the private sector relating to reformation of the tax system which many of private sector are suffering from, and this is a huge step for the government.
Another issue is partnership law; last week we had a workshop, with the presence of Private sector, to amend the partnership law in a way that guarantees the interests of the private sector.
I believe the current government has showed it is interested in implementing the correct legislations and government systems.