IBBC is proud to announce Professor Mohammed Al Uzri has been awarded the Royal College of Psychiatrists( RCPsych) President’s medal for developing the RCPsych’s International work

Professor Mohammed Al Uzri has been awarded the Royal College of Psychiatrists ( RCPsych)  Presidents’ medal for his long time work developing and extending the remit of psychiatry internationally. Professor Al Uzri has taken the lead for the RCPsych’s international work, which entails  developing collaboration with other associations, countries and psychiatrists from around the world, and in particular low and middle income countries most in need of support and training.


His work covers volunteering and sharing of  best practice through creating scheme for training of  overseas psychiatrists in UK for two years, where they work in the NHS to gain experience before returning home. The benefit is not just to the overseas countries and psychiatrists, but also to the UK NHS where additional manpower is provided. In addition, those visiting psychiatrists will provide more understanding and insight of different cultural norms and behaviours, which is needed for the delivery of mental health care to diverse groups in the UK. To date over 100 Psychiatrists have been trained in the UK at the HNS.

Professor Al Uzri, has been given this recognition, by his peers, and is now the RCPsych’s presidential lead on international work, working with the president to oversee the international strategy and relations with other countries and associations.


Professor Al Uzri says ‘ My role is to expand the success the RCPsych has enjoyed so far. We have recently doubled the team working in this area in recognition of the importance of the international work of the RCPsych and the ambitious strategy we have to extend this work. I am honoured to have this recognition from my peers, and it means a great deal to me to receive this medal from the college.’


Professor Al Uzri is is an honorary health & education advisor to IBBC and chairs the IBBC Education, Training and Heritage Sector Table.