IBBC hosts Iraqi SMEs at Technology and Marketing Shows in UK



IBBC hosted 19 delegates representing 15 Iraqi SMEs to the UK’s Technology and Marketing shows.

As an on-going initiative IBBC are bringing SME’s over to the UK at regular intervals, often as many as 200 at a time, to engage with franchise and best practice business exhibitions to acquire contacts, best practice, and modern equipment for their businesses in Iraq. Iraqi businesses, as is the case globally, have entered the digital era and are constantly upgrading their management and services with new affordable software.

The Technology exhibition at the EXCEL London enabled the delegates to meet software providers in person, and to view and acquire advanced digital solutions for their businesses in Iraq. The main sectors the SME’s represented include construction, retail, hotels, power stations, plastic factory, timber factory and others. In conversation with them they noted that some of the challenges they face in Iraq include subscribing to services not operating in Iraq and training their employees to use the technology. While some of the UK products are more expensive than those in Iraq, they are generally deemed to be more advanced and useful. An assessment meeting took place between IBBC senior staff and the SMEs delegates after visiting the Expo. The delegates expressed their gratitude to the IBBC for the support and for its role in promoting Iraqi British business collaboration.


The mission was led by IBBCs Iraq officer Nabeel Mohsin, with support from London office consultant John Scott.

Pulse of Energy Company representatives from Basra with IBBC senior staff at the Technology for Marketing Expo

The E-Commerce Panel