IBBC hosts annual council’s business retreat at Cumberland Lodge

IBBC hosted a record number of prominent British and Iraqi members, experts, business leaders and distinguished guests at the annual retreat at Cumberland Lodge. Under Chatham House rules, which enable attendees to quote conversations but not attribute them to anyone, topics included opportunities for oil exploration, an overview of Iraqi and regional politics and dynamics, energy potential, education, training and heritage and academic and business collaboration between UK and Iraq.


Special speakers included Lord Howell of Guildford, Lord Maude of Horsham and Baroness Nicholson as well as organisational contributors including Chatham house and the British Museum Middle east department and the Ashmolean Museum Middle east department.


Cumberland lodge is situated within Windsor Great Park and is designed as venue for conversations and conferences on leadership, especially for young people, and open discussions between groups for the betterment of society. Cannon Ed Newell oversees the management and pastoral programmes under the patronage of Her majesty The Queen.