IBBC holds member introduction webinar

On Thursday 24th February, IBBC introduced their fifth session presenting new and existing members to a well-attended, open audience of members and business people operating in Iraq and the region.

The webinar introduced, Al Burhan Group, MSELECT and London Sky Co. to the audience, including the speakers; Abir Burhan, operations director of Al Burhan Group, MSELECT founder and CEO – Hal Miran, and Aso Hussein, general manager of London Sky Co. Beyond introducing their companies, the three shared their views on how Iraq and their businesses might evolve. Hal Miran gave a useful insight into the employment dynamics in Iraq, the ability for M Select to train employees and included insights into the growth of consumer and telecom sectors, and announced his report into Iraqi employment will be due out and published via IBBC in the next two weeks. Abir Burhan, speaking from their new facilities in Baghdad, explained how important the Government sector still is to business, and called for a better qualified, trained and educated workforce in Iraq. Aso Hussein cited the growth of travel business post COVID across the MENA region from Iraq.