IBBC held Second Members Introduction

IBBC held a well- attended members introduction webinar on 15th February to provide a platform for members to share their expertise and business credentials.

Among the group included :

  •  Mr Khalil Al Salem, Deputy CEO, Al Majal
  • Ms Sarah Safa Kasim, Vice Chairman, Co-Founder, & Mr Douglas Way Chief Underwriting Officer, Almaseer Insurance 
  • Mr Alex Watts, Strategic Account Director, G4S
  • Mr Timothy Fisher, Global CEO, Stirling Education 
  • Chair : Ashley Goodall, Marketing Consultant, IBBC.

Following an initial introduction each member then spoke about their vision and hopes for Iraq, and what they might like members to engage with.

While the businesses operate in different sectors, there was a clear unity of view that Iraq has great opportunity, once it navigates the current challenges of conflict, corruption and bureaucracy. The upside being that there is a young, educated and passionate work force coming up, that is less secular in its outlook, and keen to do well for Iraq. The country has many resources beyond oil, including potential for agriculture and diversifying the economy, with a large market and educated population that can be developed. Key is encouraging more multinationals, keen to share their expertise within the country and speed up the trend to develop local Iraqi workers and to establish more Iraqi companies who reach international benchmarks for business. Finally, support for the private sector, reduction in bureaucracy and regulatory standards for Insurance in particular, from the Government of Iraq is also necessary to encourage further companies to enter Iraq.

Finally, members enjoyed a successful break out session to meet and engage with the speakers.

Watch full meeting here


The next introduction session will take place in March.