IBBC held an Online Panel with BP, Mastercard, SKA and AMAR Foundation

IBBC and AMAR Foundation, held an online panel discussion on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Iraq with particular reference to the work of AMAR Foundation.

The chairman of the session was Mr Ashley Goodall, marketing adviser of IBBC. The panellists were Mr. Zaid Elyaseri, country manager for Iraq, BP, who discussed the work and projects BP are investing in Iraq, and their attitude to CSR,  Ms Christina El Khoury, enterprise director for development at MasterCard, who explained the importance of Financial inclusion and MasterCard’s donation options, Mr Peter Turner, Senior Vice President of SKA spoke about how SKA provides expertise and support as SME, Baroness Nicholson, president of IBBC, founder and chairman of AMAR Foundation and Mr Chris Frost, Treasurer at AMAR Foundation, spoke of their work with the AMAR Foundation and Ms Layla Al Hassani, Co-chairman of IBBC’s Young Executive Network (YEN) outlined her overview of CSR while working at BP.

In a well attended and wide ranging conversation the topics included how companies and communities can all benefit from CSR programmes with specific examples from companies such as BP, SKA, MasterCard and AMAR Foundation.

Zaid Alyaseri, BP, said “CSR is a main objective for us and we would like to continue working with the authorities. It goes beyond producing oil and has an impact on the lives of those who are around us. It is a pride for us and we will continue to do what we can as part of our long term commitment to the country”.

Baroness Nicholson said “the environment is absolutely crucial for the human lives and health. Water, air, food, solid waste disposal and other waste disposal and communicable diseases are all crucial to the CSR programme that AMAR is doing in partnership with BP. Public health is nowadays the environment as well”

Watch the session here


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