IBBC contributes to World Bank launch and assessment on Iraq Economic Monitor

Iraq Economic Monitor – Spring 2020 – Navigating the Perfect Storm.

The World Bank has released its latest report on Iraq entitled “Navigating the Perfect Storm ” with a special focus on “Laying the Foundations for a New Economy in Iraq: Digital Transformation”. See link here.


The launch was done via a virtual media roundtable on 4th May and The Press release links can be found in English and Arabic. The report is also being circulated on the World Bank social media outlets.


Members of IBBC, the IBBC advisory council, including Professor Frank Gunter, provided input that help shape the final document, that predicts GDP contraction of 9.7% in 2020 and some stark choices and situation the country faces.


However, there is an extended section on Digital economy and transformation that points the way to change and opportunity.


For further information please contact london@webuildiraq.org