IBBC are partnering with Innovest as a Bronze level eco-system partner for the Ruwwad Al Iraq Platform for young Iraqi Entrepreneurs in 2020.

Ruwwad Al Iraq is a leading empowerment competition platform by INNOVEST Middle East that embraces young entrepreneurs around Iraq and helps them to start or scale up their businesses. The competition invites participants to submit their innovative ideas or startup business plans in a bid for financial and capacity building prizes that will bring their dreams alive.


Bassam Falah, CEO of Innovest:

“Our aim is to build communities of innovators in various sectors, to create new partnerships, to solidify individual and collective efforts, to achieve local, regional and global prosperity and to provide sustainable development to the people and community thus fulfilling their aspirations for a more stable, secure and dignified life.

We Invest in pre speed funding as well as value creation through in-kind support where we provide startups with the access to resources that are important for their scale up”


Christophe Michels, MD of IBBC:

“IBBC are delighted to be supporting the development of Innovest’s start up initiative, as Tech and Entrepreneurialism are both very much in demand within Iraq as a solution for employment for young people and as a means to modernize the Iraqi social and commercial economy’.  IBBC is keen to work more closely with Tech companies and build a modern Iraq through innovation and applications, so we welcome supporting Innovest and its partnerships to realise these opportunities”


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