Governor of Basrah to attend the IBBC Mansion House conference.

IBBC has invited the Governor of Basrah to the IBBC Mansion house conference on 2nd July. The Governor Mr Asaad Al Eidany met the IBBC team in April when the Governor expressed his strong support for IBBC and expressed his appreciation for its regular activities in Basrah and the many essential projects IBBC Members have realised and are presently working on in the region. Mr Eidany stated his intention to attend the IBBC Spring Conference in London on 2nd July and the Autumn Conference in Dubai on 13th of December.

The Governor is very focused on infrastructure in Basrah and to ensure stability and the developing investment opportunities across all sectors, including oil and gas, and especially industries around the new development road ( Al—Faw) which will enable access to Europe via Turkey from the Gulf and via Basrah’s important expanding port infrastructure.

The Governor will present his strategy during the opening session and follow up with a round table with members later in the day.

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