From peace to prosperity: The Conference to find out what’s happening for Iraq business.

The IBBC Dubai conference in Dubai in December 8th, is set against a backdrop of relative peace and security in Iraq, and the prospect of oil revenues surging through the economy is driving a wider range of business opportunities and a prospective 8% increase in GDP.

Peace is enabling the economy to diversify through the revenues that pay for a range of infrastructure projects. So this Autumn we are focusing on a range of sectors set to benefit from a stable Iraq: Middle East economic trends & prospects, Water, Transport and Logistics, Power and Tech. The recent protests have also spurred on Government reforms and incentives to drive employment, entrepreneurship and service diversity and increasing the volume of opportunity that lies ahead and the prospects for not just business to business but also a bourgeoning consumer market.

The Iraq Electricity minister will likely be speaking about his reforms to open up the market to SME’s , training and new players, and other ministers are expected to attend. The recent announcements for 10 years tax free period for SMEs in Iraq, will also stimulate the Tech entrepreneur market and drive engineering skills uptake.

At this conference, we will discuss big picture economics with Professor Frank Gunter, Ahmed Tabaqchaili, Simon Penny of UKTI on the economic backdrop in the Middle East, and the context for Iraq in particular. The World bank will cover Water, and Rolls Royce, Basra Gateway, and Menzies- transport and logistics, while Iraq’s Electricity minister, GE, Siemens and Enka focus on Energy. Alongside the conference the Tech forum brings experts on Healthtech and Educational Tech, including speakers from GE and Siemens healthcare, KPMG,EY,Google and British Council among others.

While key opportunities will be outlined, the real opportunity for business is to find out and meet the people directly involved in contracts and supply chain opportunities during the day. This is the place to do business, to network and find out what’s happening in the Middle East’s most potentially dynamic market that is Iraq.

For further information and to find out latest updates on speakers – ( more are expected) please contact  [email protected] or visit the website to register for tickets..

The year it’s all on the up…