CMEC hosts IBBC and three leading IBBC members on the importance of Iraq to British business.

The Conservative Middle East Council and the Iraq Britain Business Council hosted an exclusive virtual meeting with leading business representatives in Iraq providing an overview of the corporate space in Iraq and the unique opportunities Iraq presents for Britain.

Chaired by The Rt Hon Alistair Burt ( former minister for Middle East) and hosted by Charlotte Leslie ( MD of CMEC) the panel consisted of:


  • Zaid Elyaseri, President Iraq, British Petroleum
  • Sardar Al-Bebany, Chairman and CEO of Sardar Group (Jaguar Land Rover and Toyota)
  • Timothy Fisher, CEO of Stirling Education.


The event underlined the importance of Iraq-UK trade, and Iraq trade globally, to policy makers, including Matthew Offord MP, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Iraq.

Of particular note is the large % of Iraqi GDP that is generated by IBBC members, by BP in particular, and the importance of Government to Government relations in the restoration of good governance in Iraq and, the ability to conduct business to international standards. BP operates one of the largest oil fields in the world in southern Iraq. Sardar Group has established JLR as the prime brand in its category of luxury cars across the country ahead of competitors such as BMW or Mercedes. Stirling Education operates more than 40 schools and two universities across the country.

Iraq looks to the UK not only for trade and services, but also for support in education and help in training Government and law makers with best practice, for regulations, reform and how to enable a more efficient state allowing the private sector to expand. There is much support the UK can give Iraq as it evolves and develops. All members underlined the increasingly stable nature of the country and the opportunity for business and prosperity offered to those companies who are resilient investors in Iraq.