Baroness Nicholson and KRG Minister discuss UK- KRG cooperation in Higher Education

Baroness and KRG Education minister

Baroness Nicholson and the KRG Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Baroness Nicholson, UK Trade Envoy and IBBC Chairman, met today with Yousif Mohammad, KRG Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Discussions focused on the need of forging closer links between British and Kurdish universities to update and strengthen the current relationships between them.

The need to foster links between local universities and British businesses and the private sector was also discussed.

The Minister announced that new employment centres are being established in the KRG public universities. Mr Mohammad expressed interest in knowing how IBBC and its members could assist to ensure their success.

Baroness Nicholson invited the Minister to visit the UK with a group of Vice Chancellors in order to meet with IBBC members and leaders of British universities.

IBBC Chief Operations Officer Christophe Michels was also present at the meeting.