Christophe Michels is Managing Director of the Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC), an organisation he helped establish and has been working for since 2009. He joined the board of directors of IBBC in 2017. He has broad experience in working with British, Iraqi and US Government entities, international organisations and agencies such as the UN, WB, EU, EBRD and IMF and trade groups such as the British, the Iraqi,  the American and the German Chambers of Commerce. Prior to IBBC, Christophe worked in Baroness Nicholson’s political office in the European Parliament (EP). There he was instrumental in establishing the first permanent delegation for relations with Iraq, and he was heavily involved in Baroness Nicholson’s other activities as a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, focussing particularly on Kashmir, Iran, Turkey and the Mashreq countries. In 2008 Christophe worked for the EP as a consultant in the Iraqi Council of Representatives in Baghdad. He is a political advisor to Baroness Nicholson supporting her work in the House of Lords since 2009 and her work in the Council of Europe from 2010 to 2015. He is a longstanding volunteer and fundraiser for the AMAR Foundation in Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen, and the the Associatia Children’s High Level Group in Romania and Moldova, and the Russian Booker Prize. In 2012 he observed the early presidential elections in Yemen.

Christophe is a Senior Fellow of Humanity in Action, a member of Chatham House, IISS and RUSI and a member of the Royal Over-Seas League. Graduating from the Lycee Franco-Allemand in Paris he studied History and Art History in Berlin, Amsterdam and Duesseldorf.  During his studies he worked closely with the late Dr Dieter Rogalla MEP to promote the EU and its values throughout the continent.